Just mouse over to hear the music and read the lyrics at the same time, in your own time

Mouseover Music

Mouseover Music provides a new way of listening to music. It's educational, and it's kind of weird! The site is being launched today, November 1st 2004, and each week we'll be adding more music clips.

We hope that some artists will allow us to publish entire songs rather than excerpts - Mouseovermusic promotes the music industry by giving people a new way of understanding music.

In its current form, Mouseover Music is an experimental website. We hope it will interest not only music lovers but also people learning English, and children who are learning to read.

Each clip that we produce involves time, effort and some creativity. The technology underlying MOM is patented, and is also used to teach languages and literacy on sites such as www.fonetiks.org and www.foniks.org.

Comments, suggestions, opinions? Please don't leave us in the dark - Email us! In the meantime, I hope you have a good time with Mouseover Music.

Tim Bowyer, Perth, Western Australia, November 1, 2004


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