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This table lists 110 irregular verbs, with 57 of them spoken.
Irregular verbs

Infinitive/Past tense/Past participle

beat beat beaten

bend bent bent

bet bet bet

bleed bled bled

cost cost cost

cut cut cut

drink drank drunk

fall fell fallen

feel felt felt

feed fed fed

forget forgot forgotten

get got got

hang hung hung

hide hid hidden

hit hit hit

hold held held

keep kept kept

leave left left

lend lent lent

let let let

(NB: lie = tell lies
is a regular verb)

light lit lit

meet met met

pay paid paid

put put put

read read read

ring rang rung

run ran run

send sent sent

set set set

shoot shot shot

shrink shrank shrunk

shut shut shut

sing sang sung

sink sank sunk

sit sat sat

sleep slept slept

slide slid slid

smell smelt smelt

spell spelt spelt

spend spent spent

spill spilt split

spin spun spun

spit spat spat

split split split

stand stood stood

stick stuck stuck

sting stung stung

stink stank stunk

sweep swept swept

swim swam swum

swing swung swung

tell told told

wake woke woken

weep wept wept

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