Step One.1

To Be
+ Pronouns
Listen & repeat
I'm British
Am I Scottish?
I'm not Welsh
You're British
Are you Irish?
You aren't Scottish
She's British
Is she Welsh?
She isn't Irish
He's British
Is he English?
He isn't Welsh
It's midday
Is it lunch-time?
No, it isn't
We're British
Are we English?
We aren't Scottish
They're British
Are they Irish?
They aren't English
Now practise, with... ...Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese
    ...Chinese, American, Australian, Canadian
....tall, short, thin, fat, young, old, hungry,
  ....thirsty, pretty, good-looking, ugly
  ...boring, likeable, annoying, rude, nice,
    ...restless, scary, weird, clever, stupid


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