Step Two.1

To Have Listen & repeat
I have
some friends..
but do I have
any cool friends?
I don't have any
really cool friends...
You have
some cool friends..
but do you have
any rich friends?
You don't have any really rich friends...
She has
some friends..
but does she have
any clever friends?
She doesn't have
any really clever friends...
We have
some friends..
but do we have
any real friends?
We don't really have
any real friends...
They have some
really good friends..
Yes, but do they have
any human friends?
No, they don't have
any, only pets...
Now practise, with... ...good-looking, well-dressed, foreign,
...poor, politically correct, interesting, unusual
  ...friends from... Japan/England/the USA
I have a (friend from Altdorf) and a (friend from Zurich). The (friend from Altdorf) has a (Ford) and the (friend from Zurich) has a (bicycle).
I have a Japanese friend and a Swiss friend. The Swiss friend has blue eyes and the Japanese friend has blue hair!
Now practise similar sentences I have a... and a... The... and the..
I have some good new ideas. But the good ideas aren't new, and the new ideas aren't good!
NB: British English also uses the form: "I've got - Have I got? - I haven't got",
but every English speaker understands and uses the form presented above.


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