Step Two.3

.. se nes like thes

.Can you smell something?
- No, I can't smell anything.
I can smell something...
  Practise with:

hear, see, feel, play (the guitar), speak (French)


I enjoy cooking. Do you like cooking?
- I love eating out.
Do you? I hate eating out.

Practise with:

playing tennis/football, watching old/new movies,
eating Indian/Thai food...

I want to cook.
- I'd prefer to eat out.
But I'd like to cook.
- And I want to eat out!

Practise with:

play bridge/poker, make some pasta/a risotto, go to Paris/London...

You think the answer's
"Yes, I do".
You think the answer's
"No, she doesn't".





Now you ask some "I think you have" and "I don't think she has" questions.

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