Step Three.2

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Quantity Quantität.....Quantité.....Quantità.....Cantidad

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve

thirteen / thirty, fourteen / forty, fifteen / fifty, sixteen / sixty, seventeen / seventy, eighteen / eighty, nineteen / ninety. Twenty-one, thirty-two, forty-three...
One million two hundred-and-thirty-four thousand five hundred and sixty-seven point eight nine
Four tenths, four divided by ten, or four over ten; first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth...
Two times two (or two twos / two multiplied by two / two squared / two doubled) plus the square root of twenty-five minus two to the power of three equals one.
A is greater than B and C is less than B, therefore (or "so") A is greater than C.
Think of a number between 3 and 10; multiply it by 3; add 13; take away 7; divide it by 6; subtract 1; double it - and that's your number.

May the first (or May one), two thousand and one. Ten forty-five p.m. or a quarter to eleven in the evening. Ten fifteen a.m. or a quarter past ten in the morning. Ten o'clock.

Dollars, cents, pounds, pence, kilos, grams, ounces, a half, a quarter, a third, medium size, size 13, hectares, acres, square metres, square feet, 50 miles an / per hour.


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