Step Three.4

+ How good is the music of... Michael Jackson?
It's very, very good - really good - fantastic. Very cool. I love it!
It's pretty good. It's quite good. It's fairly good. It's cool.
  It's not bad. It's OK. So-so.
  It's a little boring. It's slightly dull. I don't really like it.
It's no good. It's hopeless. It's boring, dull, dead, uncool. I can't stand it!
Discuss books, movies, and music with a friend in the same way.

Turn down the music, dear - it's too noisy to think! All right
Turn up the heating, darling - it's not warm enough. Yes darling
And don't always agree with me, darling - You're too polite.
You're not...aggressive enough. Yes dear. I mean.. no dear.

zu (viel)

Look at these examples:

French champagne is too expensive to drink every day
- Milk is cheap enough to drink every day.

This coffee's too hot to drink!
- It's cool enough to drink now.

Now ask and answer questions like these:

Is a kilo of salt enough to make pasta for 6 people?
- It's too much!
Is a litre of water enough to have a shower?
- It's not enough!
Is 50 kilometres an hour fast enough to drive in the city?
- It's just right.


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