Step Four.2



Movement .........Bewegung....mouvement....movimento.... movimiento

How do you get to the Post Office, darling?

You go to the village and drive towards your sister's house. Turn first right past her house, go up the hill and over the bridge across the river, through the tunnel, past your brother's house, right up to your aunt's house and then turn sharp left, go straight on for 200 yards and it's just before the lunatic asylum where your uncle is, dear.


The Rude Waiter...

le passif
il passivo
el pasivo
o passivo

fish is normally served hot.
Is sushi served
hot, madame?
Look mate:
this fish isn't cooked!
  The problem is not
with the fish, madam, but with you:
you are not educated!
.Now discuss how these and other foods are best cooked, served, and eaten:
spaghetti, lettuce, soup, potatoes, beef, snails


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