Step Four.3



Procedure .........Verfahren....procédure....procedura...procedimiento

First you open a can of spaghetti.
Then you put the spaghetti on a plate.
And finally you heat it in a microwave oven
- delicious! (Yuk!)

Practise with: ...make goulasch/nasi goreng/risotto/wine/fresh pasta? become a millionaire? a film star?
an Olympic runner? get to Tibet? get a student visa? Say "(I love you)" in (Russian)?



How long does it take
to get married?
It takes about an hour
to get married.


Practise with
learn English, walk a kilometre, drown, die of hunger/thirst, learn to drive?


How long does the average marriage last?
It lasts forever, I hope!

Practise with:
a storm, summer, flu, a camera battery, a movie, a hangover

You think the answer's
"Yes, I do".
You think the answer's
"No, I don't".





Ask the same kind of questions about people you know, using:
like, dislike, love, hate, know, prefer, go out with, understand, respect;
- then talk about other people, like this:

"She likes him, doesn't she?" "She doesn't like him, does she?"

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