Step Five.1


die zukünftigen
les temps
i tempi
los tiempos
os tempos
Listen & repeat
... +
Lydia has won the lottery...

The Simple
Future Tense
I'll live
in Hollywood..
Will you
get fat?
No, of course
I won't get fat.
.= the believed or
desired future
The Future
Continuous Tense

I'll be living in
a big house a
year from now.

Will you be
driving the same
car as now?
No, I won't be
driving the
taxi any more..
= at one moment
in the future

The Future
Perfect Tense
I'll have sold
the taxi..
What'll you
have bought?
I'll have bought a
big, red fire engine.
= looking back
from the future
The Near
Future Tense
I'm visiting
the bank
this afternoon.
Are you taking
out all
the money?
No, I'm not
taking it all.
= the immediate future
The Planned
Future Tense
I'm just going
to take one
little million.
Are you only
going to take a million?
I'm not going to take
the other 99m
till my birthday.
= the planned or
destined future


....A Summary:........................



The Future Conditional

I'll miss my friends if
I move to Hollywood
If you move to Hollywood
will your accent go funny?
No, of course it won't!

Now imagine you have won the lottery. Disucss your plans with a friend....



"in" and "for"


Where will you be in 5 minutes? 5 hours? 5 days? 5 weeks? 5 years?
How long will you stay there for?



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