Step Five.2



+ Tim and Lydia discuss the British weather...
It must rain sooner or later or it's bound to..
It'll rain sometime today.
  It should rain sometime today.
It may rain today or it could rain today.
It might rain today.
It won't rain today.
It can't snow - it's too warm.


! The rules of the game...
You must do it or You have to do it
You should do it or You ought to do it
You can do it if you want to
You shouldn't do that or You're not supposed to do that
You can't do that or You're not allowed to.. or You mustn't..
- You needn't do it or You don't need to.. or You don't have to..

Lydia is stll thinking about her new life after winning the lottery...


I'll be followed
everywhere by
Will you be driven
everywhere by a
No, I won't be driven
- I'll be piloted!

Practise with:
she'll be/ will she be?/ she won't be...

...dressed in a burqua? carried on peoples' shoulders?
courted for her money? photographed wherever she goes?



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