Step Five.3


Tim and Lydia are planning a party...

There'll be
about 60 people.
Will there be
enough room?
There won't be enough
chairs for 60 people..

Discuss with:
...a lot of noise, a problem with the neighbours,
enough wine/beer/food/soft drinks, a mess afterwards


Ask/Tell, Let/Make ........

Let him marry you - he's very kind!
Make him marry you - he's got lots of money!
Ask him to marry you.
Tell him to marry you or you'll kill yourself!
Have him arrested if he doesn't marry you!

Practise with: give you some money, divorce you, pay for the meal, buy you a car


You think the answer's
"Yes, I will".
You think the answer's
"No, I won't".





You won't be 30 next year, will you?
You'll be taking
your dogs with you, won't you?

Ask questions about people you know, like this:
(She)'ll be (in Paris) (next week) won't (she)?
- and like this:

(She)'ll be (com)ing back (next week) won't (she)?


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