Step Six.1


die vergangenen
les temps
i tempi
los tiempos
os tempos

My friend had left me and I was unhappy...


Listen & repeat
... +
The Simple
Past Tense
I weighed
99 kilos.
Did your girl-
friend say
you were fat?
No, she
say that....
.= the completed past
The Past
Perfect Tense

...because she'd
already left me!

But had
she really
liked you?
No, she hadn't
ever really been
serious about me..
= looking back further
...into the past

The Past Perfect
Continuous Tense
I'd been eating from
the fridge at night.
Had nobody
been checking
the fridge?
No, my mother
hadn't been
= as above, but stress on continuity = non-stop
The Past
Continuous Tense
I was eating 6
Big Macs a day!
Why were
you eating
so much?
I wasn't eating
because I
was hungry..
= a specific moment or
period in the past
Then I met someone new and everything changed...

The Present
Perfect Tense
I've lost
10 kilos!
Haven't you
felt hungry?
No, I haven't had
time to feel hungry!
.= the recent past


....A Summary:........................




The Past Conditional

If I'd met her sooner, I wouldn't have got* fat Would you have got fatter
if you hadn't met her?
Well, I wouldn't
have got thinner!


* To Get =
he got... rich, fat, thin, lazy, careless, married, wise
he got... a salary increase, a kiss, a present, a car

he got... up, out of the prison, into the car, through immigration.


for, since, ago

Practise with: New York, Sydney, Paris, London, Berlin...


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