Step Six.2



Past Modals

+ Tim and Lydia are still discussing the British weather
It must have rained because the ground's wet
It may have rained during the night or It could have rained
  It might have rained while we were sleeping, but probably not
It can't have rained last night because it'd (= would) be dry by now.


! The rules of the game...
You had to do it.
You should have done it or You ought to have done it.
You could have done it if you'd wanted to.
You shouldn't have done it or You're weren't supposed to do it.
You couldn't do it or You weren't allowed to do it .
You didn't need to do that or You didn't have to do that.


It's that rude waiter again...

le passif
il passivo
el pasivo
o passivo




Practise with:

...has been burnt, has been killed, was cooked, was made with fresh food, a taxi has been called, the police have been called, your husband has been taken away.


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