Step Six.3



Tim is trying to make friends with Maxine...

I love Beethoven!
I've never liked rap music...
I loved the Beatles!

I don't trust people
who always agree with me
So do I!
Neither have I...
So did I!

Neither do -
Practise with a partner:

...I love/I loved/I've never liked/I don't like/I'll feel good when.../I'm going to enjoy...




You think the answer's
"Yes, it has".
You think the answer's
"No, they haven't".





Things haven't got any better
in this century, have they?

Things were better in the last century, people had more money,
people ate out more often, politicans didn't lie, life was easier...


.The rude waiter's end...    .
Hello? There's been an accident. Yes.
There was a fight between a waiter and a female customer.
Yes. There was a problem with the soup.
No, there haven't been any deaths yet,
but there has been one case of dementia... Yes, the waiter...

Now you practise - you are....the waiter, the customer, a police officer, a psychiatrist



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